When does my architect/engineer registration come up for renewal, and are inactive and retired registrants still required to renew their registrations?

Jason Smith -

Tennessee architect/engineer licenses are renewed every two years.  New licenses come up for renewal two years from the original month of licensure.  You may utilize the online license roster search verify to find your registration expiration date.  Registrants not renewing within six months of the registration expiration date must reapply for registration.

Registrants on inactive or retired status are still required to renew their registrations every two years.  While inactive registrants are exempt from the professional privilege tax and the continuing education requirement, they are still required to pay the $140 biennial renewal fee and submit a properly completed renewal of registration form.  Retired registrants do not have to pay the renewal fee or report continuing education, but they must still submit a properly completed renewal form (which may be done online at CORE). 

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