I have failed my real estate pre-licensing test. What do I do?

Jason Smith -
  • The affiliate broker and broker examinations are divided into two sections: national and state. Candidates who pass one section but fail the other need to retake only the section theyfailed. The passing score for one section of an examination is valid for two (2) retakes of the failed section or six (6) months, whichever comes first. 
  • Affiliate broker and broker examinations candidates who fail the first attempt at the examination may retake it as soon as they want (however you cannot schedule until the day after you took the examination). After the second attempt, an examination candidate must wait thirty (30) days between any subsequent failed exams to retake the examination.
  • The timeshare salesperson and acquisition agent exams are one-part.
  • Note: These retake rules do not apply to the timeshare salesperson and acquisition agent exams. 
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