How do I apply for a locksmith license?

Vernon Greene -

I. Initial Locksmith Application [CORE]

II. Attachments

1. Acceptable Form of Identification (Proof that applicant is sixteen (16) years old.)

2. Receipt for Electronically Scanned Fingerprints

3. Criminal Record Statements and Documents

i. Statements of any criminal records in each area where the applicant has resided.

ii. Certified court documents: Applicants are required to provide certified court documents for each charge(s) or arrest(s) disclosed. Failure to submit the required court documents could result in the closure of your application.

iii. Persons convicted of offenses involving fraud or theft shall not be entitled to registration as a locksmith apprentice. Persons convicted of a felony offense, persons who have been convicted of offenses involving the illegal use, possession, sale, manufacture, distribution or transportation of a controlled substance, drug, or narcotic, persons convicted of felonious assault, persons convicted of a crime involving unlawful breaking or entering, burglary, larceny or arson; or persons convicted as a habitual criminal may not be eligible for licensure.

4. Digital Front Color Passport Style Photograph

i. Must be taken within the preceding three (3) months

5. Proof of Employment or Proof of Valid Business License

6. Proof of Locksmith Company Affiliation or a Locksmith Company Application

7. Copy of Business License for Affiliated Company

8. Copy of Certificate of Insurance for affiliated company

9. Proof of Thirty (30) Hours of Basic Education

i. Education must be from approved provider list. 

a. All applicants must qualify for General Locksmith, additional classifications are Safe and Vault and Automotive.

ii. Requirement is waived if applicant has been an apprentice for 4 years. 

10. Proof of two (2) years of experience in general locksmithing

11. Exam Scores (PSI) 

i. Exam requirement is waived if applicant can prove 5 (five) years of experience prior to 2007 or is certified with ALOA. 


III. Nonrefundable Application Fee, $100

1. Application Fee: $75

2. License Fee: $25

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