How do I apply for a new real estate Firm License?

Kristen -

 In order to apply for a new Real Estate Firm license, you will need to complete the below steps:

  1. Complete the firm application; submit all required supporting documentation, along with the fees to Tennessee Real Estate Commission (TREC). The application with detailed instructions can be found on the TREC website.
  2. Every firm must have an escrow account or have an approved escrow waiver in place. The application requires that the name and address of the bank holding your escrow monies be listed on the application. If no funds belonging to third parties will ever be handled by your firm, you can fill out the Waiver of Escrow form
  3. You will need to submit a zoning letter stating that the address at which the firm is located is zoned for real estate offices.

After the above items are sent, the Tennessee Real Estate Commission will review your application and a staff member will contact you if additional information is needed.

You may also apply for an initial firm license by following the directions here!

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