I operate several scrap metal businesses across the State – how do I register?

Tim Smith -

You should register as a Business and check the appropriate box indicating the appropriate legal entity. Every location within the State must be separately registered as well as all employees authorized to deal in scrap metal at those locations. 

For example, if you operate five scrap metal businesses called ABC Scrap Metal in five locations you will submit five applications listing yourself as the Registrant/Applicant doing business as (DBA) ABC Scrap Metal. You will register each ABC Scrap Metal location on a separate application and pay a separate fee of one hundred and seventy five dollars ($175.00) for each location.

As your business expands, you will be required to submit a registration application for every new location and pay the registration fee. Any employees authorized to act as a scrap metal dealer should complete the Individual registration separately and pay the registration fee if applicable.


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