How do I get a geologist application packet and what needs to be submitted?

Vernon Greene -

You can download the application packet from our Geologists Forms and Downloads website or one can be mailed to you or emailed to you. 

Please Submit The Following:

  • Completed application form – signed and notarized
  • Non-refundable application/registration fee of $115.00
  • Certified transcripts per TCA62-36-108
  • Completed course reporting form(s)
  • Completed Employment Verification form
  • Completed Verification of Licensure form from other states in which the applicant is licensed
  • Completed sole proprietorships, partnerships, and corporations form
  • Proof of passing the FG and PG examinations

*Applying as an active licensee from another state only recuses the applicant from providing exam proofs. All other documentation must be submitted.

Contact an agent. Submit a request