How far in advance of expiration date should my appraiser renewal be completed?

Vernon Greene -

Please renew your credential at least 30 days prior to expiration and before the first of the month of your expiration.  Allow time for processing by the mailroom, cashier’s office and the administrative staff of the Appraiser Commission.  You may renew your credential up to one hundred twenty (120) days prior to expiration.  Renewing early doesn’t change your renewal cycle, so try not to wait until the last minute.  Renewing early ensures you won’t owe the late fee, maintains your status on the National Registry, and allows you time to submit copies of your renewed credential on a timely basis to your clients.  For example, clients or intended users (like FHA) may remove an appraiser from their approved appraiser panel if the license or certification is not current on the National Registry.

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