Do I submit fingerprint cards with my new application?

Tim Smith -

Yes. An applicant for alarm qualifying agent and/or alarm employee registration shall submit three(3) sets of classifiable fingerprint cards that are rolled nail to nail by a qualified technician with his/her application for the purpose of allowing the Board to forward the fingerprint cards to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Fingerprints may also be submitted electronically. Contact Cogent Systems at 1-877-862-2425 and you will be asked for the ORI# TN920140Z and the transaction type required to schedule alarm employee registration applicants is SA (Alarm Systems Employee Registration Applicant) and for qualifying agent applicants the transaction type is SC (Alarm Systems Contractor Qualifying Agent License Applicant).

Fee for electronic fingerprints will be $48.00 and the fee for this office to process fingerprint cards will be $60.00.

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