How do I apply for appraiser licensing or certification examination?

Vernon Greene -

Before any applicant (registered trainee) may take the national licensing or certification examinations, all education requirements for licensing or certification must be completed and submitted to the Real Estate Appraiser Commission for approval. After January 1st, 2015, all applicants must also complete the experience requirement before approval will be granted to take the national exam.

Once the experience component has been reviewed and approved, applicants will be granted approval to take the national examinations without any further application necessary.  To gain experience approval, applicants must submit an application to upgrade to licensed or certified, along with proof of completion of the education requirement, and attach the current approved experience log (Excel format /PDF format).  If approval is granted, the applicant will be given a maximum of four (4) opportunities in the twelve (12) months after approval is granted to pass the examination. Applicants may not take the exam more than four times in one year. The exam proctor is PSI. Scheduling through PSI is available online.  There are also sample exam questions on the PSI bulletin.

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