How do I obtain a trainee registration, license or certification as a real estate appraiser?

Vernon Greene -

Registered Trainee - A person desiring to become an appraiser must register with the Commission and work under the direct supervision of one or more certified appraisers who have been certified with the Commission for a minimum of 36 months in Tennessee. Experience gained prior to registration will be not accepted. Prior to registering with the Commission, a registered trainee applicant must complete 75 hours of qualifying education, within five (5) years preceding the date of application, in the following categories and successfully pass the applicable final examinations: 15-hour Appraisal Foundation's National USPAP course, or its equivalent; -and- Successful completion of a thirty (30) hour course in Appraisal Principles; -and- Successful completion of a thirty (30) hour course in Appraisal Practice or Procedures. The five-year requirement does not apply to licensed appraisers or certified appraisers applying to upgrade their license or certificate. Beginning January 1, 2015, both the Trainee Appraiser and Supervisory Appraiser shall be required to complete a seven (7) course that, at a minimum, complies with the specifications for course content established by the AQB.


Details are available under the How to Get Your License section of the TREAC Web site.


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