Are fingerprint reports required?

Courtney Wallace -

Promoters, matchmakers, managers, judges and referees will be notified by the office of the Tennessee Athletic Commission if fingerprint reports are required. If you are contacted, your options for obtaining fingerprint reports are:

  • Option 1. Fingerprint Scanning - Fee = $48. Call toll free 1-877-862-2425 to schedule an appointment for scanning or register on-line at Forward a copy of your payment receipt from Cogent to the Tennessee Athletic Commission along with your application.
  • Option 2. Inked Fingerprint Cards - Fee = $60 for processing. Two fingerprint cards are provided with each application. If you use the application printed from our website, contact our office, telephone or email and request the fingerprint cards. (See home-page for our contact list.) Complete each blank space at the top of each card, have your fingerprints rolled by a competent professional and submit the two cards to the Tennessee Athletic Commission with your completed application, your application & license fee, your $60 fingerprint fee and medical forms, etc.
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