My license has expired, how do I get it reinstated?

Vernon Greene -

There are three answers to this question based on the length of time that your license has been expired. 


Day 1-59: You will be in Expired-Grace status. At this point you will be able to still renew your license by completing your Continued Education and paying the appropriate fees. Day 1-30 you will pay $130 ($80 Renewal+$50 Late Fee). Day 31-59 you will pay $180 ($80 Renewal + $100 Late Fee. NOTE: Licensees in RETIRED STATUS will not be responsible for Continued Education during the renewal process. 


Day 60-365: You will be in Expired Status but will still be eligible for reinstatement. This will require you to contact the Real Estate Commission Licensing Team requesting reinstatement by emailing the following information:

- Name

- License Number

- Contact Information

- Social Security Number for Verification

- Brief Request for Reinstatement

 At this point a licensing technician will advise you on the appropriate fees you will be required to pay.


1 Year +: You will be required to retest and reapply after requesting reinstatement of your license. 

Please contact us at to request reinstatement.

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