What are my education requirements (Affiliate Brokers/Brokers/Timeshare Sales Person)?

Jason Smith -

Affiliate Brokers:

Pre-license: 60 Classroom Principles Course and 30 Hour Course for New Affiliates.

Continuing Education: 16 hours total. The “TREC Core” course is a MANDATORY course.


Pre-license: 120 hours including the 30 classroom hour “Office and Brokerage Management” course.

Post-license: 120 hours during the first 3 years of licensure.

Continuing Education: Brokers licensed as Brokers after January 1, 2005, must complete continuing education requirements after completing post-license education, including the TREC Core course.

Timeshare Salespersons:

Pre-license: 30 hours of classroom training

Post-license: None

Continuing Education: None 

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